Your Trade-In Value

  • We’ll beat any legitimate written appraisal with our best pricing that’s good for up to seven days
  • We’ll accept your trade even if it’s not fully paid off
  • Gain a more competitive interest rate by increasing your down payment
  • Spend less on taxes by reducing the total financed amount
If you’re planning a vehicle purchase for the near future, then it’s imperative to account for your current model’s trade-in value to help get the most bang for your buck. For this reason, Volume Cars is here to explain how we can lend a hand! From facilitating the assessment process to completing the steps in as little as one day, we’re fully committed to making your experience as seamless as possible.

Online Trade-in Value

If you’re ready to learn what your car, minivan, truck, or SUV is worth, be sure to take advantage of our Value Your Trade form, located conveniently on our website. First, you’ll need to provide several key details, such as the ride’s make, model, year, trim, mileage, and condition, since these are crucial for determining its overall value. If you wish, you may also include its VIN to help us learn even more about its history, or leave comments that clarify its current state. To receive your initial offer, remember to include your potential replacement vehicle and your contact information. Before long, we’ll be in touch with our competitive appraisal.

You can get trade-in value in Naperville and Des Plaines, by working with the dedicated staff at Volume Cars. No matter which of our locations you choose to visit, we’re certain you’ll be thrilled with your experience from start to finish!

Why Trade at Volume Cars?

To begin, we’d like to clarify what you stand to gain by visiting one of our locations to perform a vehicle trade. First and foremost, we take your business seriously, which is why we’ll beat any written offer and give you our best pricing that’s valid for seven days. That way, you don’t have to wonder if you would’ve been better off somewhere else. In addition, we’ll accept your model even if you still haven’t paid it off. We also couldn’t forget to mention that you’ll likely end up with a more competitive interest rate since lenders prefer larger initial installments. Furthermore, by reducing the purchase price, you’ll spend less on taxes.

Private Selling vs Selling to a Dealership

Due to the increasing prevalence of online marketplaces, selling on your own might seem like a viable alternative on the surface. However, before you make a listing, keep the following potential drawbacks in mind. Along with having to respond to any inquiries that come through, set up meetings with potential buyers, and negotiate the price, you might also have to fix mechanical issues, which may not be ideal. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find an interested party right away, forcing you to wait weeks or months. Finally, even if someone does want to purchase your car, they might back out at the last minute or not be able to secure the necessary funding. Even worse, you might walk away with less money than you originally hoped to receive.

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